Friday, March 4, 2011

Flying Colors, Doggersbank

At start, the Dutchies await the Limey onslaught in line of battle

I love me some "Flying Colors," although i hadn't played it in 6 years or so.  My good friend Doug Gries and i just finished up a 4 game set of "1805: Sea of Glory" which inspired us to take Age of Sail to a tactical level.

I chose "The Doggersbank" scenario from the "Ship of the Line" expansion as it is a medium sized engagement and looks fairly balanced.

The Brits of course have the weather gauge and an advantage in quality ships and audacity.  The Dutch counter this with having better and more leadership.

I took the Dutch as i felt they would have the tougher go of it and this was Doug's first game.

Doug won initiative and ignoring Nelson's advice of "break the line!" instead turned his line parellel to mine.  I cackled with glee as it looked like Doug had made a rookie mistake in allowing me time to tack my fleet and turn the tables on him.

The Brits scared of breaking the Dutch Line. The Dutch begin to tack towards the Brits.
 At the end of Turn 4, i had successfully tacked all but one ship and it looked like i might be able to take the Brits down.  Fortune then reared it's ugly head, and the turn 5 wind die roll resulted in the wind changing directly into my fleet.  My fleet is now in irons!  It's now Doug's turn to cackle with glee.

Sideways Captain Doug

Doug now changes tactics and turns the Brits straight into my poor Dutch, raking with abandon.  The battle quickly deteriorates into a pell mell affair.

Doug cheerfully pointing out a Dutch ship in trouble.  Thanks Doug, i never would have known!

My ships rotate back into position but Doug is already ganging up on the back of my line.  I still feel pretty good about my chances, but then, fortune deals me a second unkind blow as a cannonball takes off the Dutch Admiral Zoutman's head at 800 yards.  That stings as now my forward squadron is out of command and going to have to maneuver back towards the newly promoted Fleet Admiral.

This is a difficult task and already, one of the Dutch ships looks ready to strike.  Another is damaged, and i've yet to damage a British ship.  It's not looking good for me.

Carnage at Doggersbank.
We play another turn and my Dutch ship refuses to strike despite being down to a single hull point.   As it is getting late for a school night, i concede the sea to Doug and we call it a night.

Great fun and i'm hoping to get another game in soon.


  1. Excellent Post Bob. Glad you made the jump. HeavyD and I have played a few scenarios of Flying Colors and like it.